Landscape over Bad Schandau, Lilienstein

Dresden – Prague

New line. Fast connection.
Opportunities and benefits

Germany and Czechia moving closer together.

Comfortable and environmentally friendly travel: thanks to the short travel time, environmentally friendly opportunities arise for both regions and countries to bring their culture and economy closer together.

Twice as fast from Dresden to Prague

The new line saves 1.5 hours of your daily commute. Passengers travel from Dresden to Prague in one hour and from Berlin to Prague in 2.5 hours. Commuters in particular benefit from it. 

Accelerating the economy for Europe and for the region 

Shorter transport times increase economic growth and promote tourism – in the Saxon and Czech economic area, across countries and in Europe. It offers more capacity for freight traffic. The new line is an essential section of the Trans-European Networks (TEN) and connects Czechia to the Central European high-speed network. 



Czech blue passenger train runs on rails, surrounded by meadows and trees, in front of the mountains of Saxon Switzerland.
DB AG / Volker Emersleben

Route variants. Finding the best connection

At the moment, we are planning the project. The final route he final route from Dresden to Prague hasn’t been decided on yet. Since the project started, experts from both countries have been working to find the optimal route following the implementation procedures from each government. 

This concise and comprehensible interactive map guides you through the individual steps of the current state of progress. 

Updates and stories

Learn all about the latest developments, news, and events from the new line Dresden – Prague.

Project diary


German planning area

EU funding for design work on new Dresden–Prague line

The European Union is investing EUR 2.2 billion in 140 major…

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German planning area

DB InfraGO AG and Správa železnic award first public contract for new Dresden–Prague line

Contract for project management in the joint planning area f…

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German planning area

Public consultation continued

Heidenau working group meets in person on 30 September 2020

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